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ECDL - European Computer Driving Licence


ecdlTarget of course: Guarantee an adequate level of digital skills and carry to the certification of its knowledge in information technology.

It allows you to use technologies more aware and secure in order to build a solid foundation for a future career in Italy and Abroad.

Lenght: 3 days.

Target audience: Students, young graduates, graduates and any persons careful to the evolution of the digital world and the 

world of work.


- Module 1: Fundamentals of computer

  • Computers and devices: information technologies, hardware, software and licenses, initiation and termination of a session;
  • Desktop, icons, settings: desktop and icons, Windows use, tools and approaches;
  • Printers and output: use of texts, prints setting;
  • File management: file and folder organization, archive and compression;
  • Networks: networking concepts, network access;
  • Safety and welfare: data protection and devices, malware, health and green IT.

- Module 2: Navigation network

  • Concepts of web surfing: key concepts, security of access and ergonomics;
  • Web browsing: use of web browsers, tools and settings, bookmarks, web search results;
  • Information gathered on the web: information search, critical evaluation, the copyright protection of data;
  • Communication concepts: online community, communication tools, email concepts;
  • Using e-mail: email sending, receiving e-mail, tools and settings, organize e-mail, use of calendars.

- Module 3: Processing documents

  • Use of the application: working with documents, improve productivity;
  • Creating a document: enter text, select and edit;
  • Formatting: formatting text, a paragraph, use styles;
  • Objects: create a table, a table format, graphic objects;
  • Merge: setting, results and prints;
  • Printing preparation: setting, control and printing.

- Module 4: Spreadsheet documents and calculation

  • Use of the application: working with spreadsheets, improve productivity;
  • Cells: insert, select, edit, sort, copy, move, delete;
  • Management of worksheets: rows and columns, worksheets;
  • Formulas and Functions: arithmetical formulas, functions;
  • Formatting: numbers and dates, content, alignment, borders and visualizations;
  • Graphics: creating, editing;
  • Preparation of prints: setting, monitoring and printing.

- Module 5: Secure network use

  • Concepts related to information security: malware, value of information, personal security, file protection;
  • Malware: definition and function, types of threats, malware protection;
  • Network security: networks, network connections, security of wireless connections, access control;
  • Safe use of the web: web browsing, social networking;
  • Communications: email, instant messaging;
  • Secure data management: security and backup.

- Module 6: Presentations realization

  • Use of the application: work with presentations, improve productivity;
  • Development of a presentation: views of a presentation, slide, slide masters;
  • Texts: the texts management, formatting, lists, tables;
  • Pages: use of the pages and their organization;
  • Graphic objects: input and editing, draw objects;
  • Preparation of output: preparation, spell check and release.

- Module 7: Communicate and collaborate online

  • Online collaboration concepts: Key-notes, cloud computing;
  • Online collaboration settings: common features of setting, defining your settings;
  • Uses online collaboration tools: productivity apps and online storage, online calendars, social media, online meetings, online learning environments;
  • Mobile Collaboration: key concepts, use of mobile devices, applications, synchronization.


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ABC - Activity Based Costing

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